Cubase not working through notebook headphone jack or Bluetooth

I cannot get Cubase 13 to make sound other than through my notebook speakers, also the sound through the speakers is super distorted but the project sounds fine on my desktop with Cubase 10.5.
Also, VLC is working perfectly on the notebook.
I am trying to check out the trial version of Cubase 13 on the notebook, hoping to enjoy it and then upgrade after the trial ends.
How do I route Cubase to the headphone or Bluetooth outputs?

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I would recommend you to install ASIO4ALL, where you can adjust the latency/Buffer Size parameter, which will probably done the distortion issue.

Use this driver instead of the Genetic Low Latency driver in the Studio Setup > Audio System, please.

Hello, My attempts to find ASIO4ALL online has only lead me to a lot of shady sites, including what claims to be it’s official site. It’s just full of pop-up ads and things to click on that lead to other virus looking garbage. Please send me a real link to ASIO4ALL.

Here are some screen shots of the strange sites that searching for ASIO4ALL lead me to.

Is this PC App Store as fake as it looks?
This was the first result when searching on Google. This is what you’re looking for.

When I go to that link, it’s just full of pop-up ads and other downloads, like PC App Store, Microsoft 64/32 Bit Driver Download, which lead to nefarious crap.
Is this because I don’t want to pay McAfee for virus protection, or I need to put an adblocker on somehow?
This notebook is brand new, I don’t have much loaded onto it yet.
Thank you,

That was it, I just installed AdBlock Plus and now I can actually get to the download of ASIO4ALL.
Thank you for helping me!

Now I have ASIO4ALL working, but I still can’t get sound from Cubase 13 out of my notebook’s headphone out or Bluetooth connection.
I am hoping Steinberg will phone me today and give me the direct help I need.
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Could you attach a screenshot, how did you set the ASIO4ALL up and how is the Audio Connection in Cubase, please?

How do I send audio to the headphone output or Bluetooth? It all works with VLC so I don’t think it’s the notebook that’s having a problem, it’s Cubase having trouble working with the notebook.