Cubase now plays old files out of tune

My cubase 7 now plays both midi and wav files from old songs i load up out of tune. Just under 2 semitones higher. I have reinstalled cubase and tried a computer restore but to no avail? Any ideas? All current midis play out of tune but new recorded files are ok. Have imported files in and they play out of tune as well!

As regards audio, that sounds to me like a mismatch of the sample playback rate (i.e. audio recorded at 44.1kHz now playing back at 48kHz).
As for MIDI, that should have no bearing at all, unless what you are really saying is that the MIDI that is triggering internal VST Instruments sounds pitched higher also (which is normal, because the VST Instruments are producing audio :wink: ).
So, check the Sample Rate, in the Project menu>Project Setup.