Cubase old files questions

Hi all,

I’m new here. I have been out of recording music for several years. I used to use Cubase Sx3 on Windows, and am about to get back to recording.

Firstly, I don’t have my old .exe files/software discs for SX3, but I was thinking of upgrading to the new Cubase Artist anyway, or possibly even just Elements.

–My general question is, if I buy the new Cubase, will I be able to open all my old wave files/songs, or will there be conversion issues? Are those files lost unless I can get my old Sx3 running?
–Will an old version even be compatible with modern hardware and OS’s?
–Also, I imagine if they DO open on the new Cubase, the old plugins/reverbs/etc will probably be lost unless I have equivalent plugins on my new setup, or will a new cubase still work ok with batches from around 10 years ago?
–Also, will mixes and automation details be retained?

And lastly, on a separate note, I’ll need a new laptop for this new setup. My budget for that is $1000 at very most, preferably closer to $750. Any suggestions on brands/models?
The only things I’m sure on really are Intel i5 or i7, and 8GB RAM.


any help would be great. Thanks!