Cubase on 2:nd Computer

I want to have my Cubase 9,5 on my Laptop too.
How is that possibly? :wink:

I downloaded the upgrade 9.5, It worked
but seems to missing a lot of files. :frowning:

Where is the full installation? (The full Demo) :question:

The full installers for Cubase Pro 9.5 are available via the Steinberg Download Assistant.


Thanks for fast reply.

Yes this is annother way,
but I´m bit worried about if I lost or damage the dongle.

Can I buy a new dongle and just copy to it ? :question:

On the other hand a trial for 30 Days would be perfect and enogh for me this time
and I wouldn´t be worrying about the Dongle

In case your dongle gets damaged or lost you have to contact Steinberg support.
Even the Cubase Pro trial requires a dongle so this option is not going to mitigate your worries about the dongle.


No, you can’t copy your license from one dongle to another.

Make sue your Cubase licenses are registered on your MySteinberg account. Then if your dongle is damaged or lost it is possible to get a replacement license from Steinberg (for which you’ll need a new dongle).