Cubase on a Apple Mac Pro 2013

I am not an Apple guy or fan boy, don’t own anything with the Apple logo, but boy, this new “champagne cooler” from Apple, the Mac Pro is looking really cool.

Have a look …

For fun, I specified my ideal Mac Pro in their shop, maximized everything of course :laughing: and it would cost me only 10.774,99 € :mrgreen:

And the cubase question is…? :unamused:

You got me there. I get it :blush:

Aloha R,

There is at least one discussion about this somewhere on the board.
I’ll try and find/post those links.

As for here, (possibly moving into videos services as well as audio)
we are looking at two MP’s but are so far stymied
by the research into four K monitors.

This ‘monitor’ part is waaay more complicated than we initially thought.
and could take a lil time to sort.
(lots o’ $$$ on the line here)

We are also looking at:
1-getting older Mac Pros and updating them
2-going the customized PC route.

Odd thing is just the MP’s name carry’s weight.

Just over 16% of our returning customers have already asked:
‘Do you have the new Mac Pro yet’? ‘Do you have the new Mac Pro yet’?

Marketing is/can be a funny thang. :slight_smile:
Give the customer what they want.

Will post any decisions made on this front.

Sorry, off topic, but I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. I switched my master computer to a new Mac late 2013, and editors seem to take me more seriously as well, claiming I’m now compatible with their studios (which is technically rubbish). Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving Cubase 7 on Mac, but it’s funny how perception works. :smiley:

Also, I don’t know how many times clients have come into my studio in the past and said “PC? Why aren’t you on Mac?”.

All that aside, I’m probably going to go for one of these Darth Vader Trash cans later this year.

I hear ya! This thang is meant for video folks.

But that being said:
Lets say you are setting-up a typical 1-2 person partenerd pro bitness.

IMHO no matter what field it is:
(Architect/Dentistry/Law/Restaurant/Transportation/DAW/Video/Film/Fashion/Health/Agriculture/Printing) etc etc

$50.000 or more is not a lot of $$ for a start-up.

So to set-up a pro DAW bitness and use $7500—>$10.000 of your resources for your main ax seems quite doable.
After all you are going to have and use this machine for a long time to come.

Pros in the video world easily spend that amount on their cameras.
Or a truck/trackor for a farmer.
Or chairs/space and tools for a barber or garage mechanic.
Or a really fine drum kit or rare upright bass or cello.
And don’t get me started on $$ for an SSL.

Point is this box is meant either for video pros or non-pros with resources.
You in? Guess the line forms on the right.


Also keep in mind that end the end the clients ends up paying for all this anyway.

It’s just that we have to have faith and shell out the initial costs up front.

it’s kinda like being a spider.

You weave the nicest web you can and hope something sticks.

So far so good. Good Luck!

Actually, Apple spends considerably less on advertising than Microsoft or Samsung:

But I’d agree that the nMP is a tough business proposition for audio pros. Like Curteye said, the best argument in favor is pressure/demand from clients.