Cubase on Atari ST messes up system clock

Okay, now I hope I will get a confirmation on this issue.

There are only two topics on the Atari forum and I found no other information on the internet about this.

I found out that Cubase (any version) corrupts the ikbd-based system clock. I figured that it changes the onboard timer on the ikbd cpu and uses it as the internal timing. But the downside is that the system clock will still run but about 10 times faster. Not sure about the reason, but the result is obvious. I would like to have a correctly working clock to maintain the file time stamps on my saves.

Is this a general issue or is it something to do with my config? Also, is there any workaroung?

I have a 1040 STF with TOS 1.04, and no programs have been loaded on boot.