Cubase on Atari ST

Who remembers it? I’ll never forget those days in the early 90s - classic times. I remember working on some long sessions - 21 hours being the longest - and sometimes we’d get these mad moments where cubase would seem to compose on it’s own with extra notes here and there that actually sounded great!

Any other memories?

Remember the big ole clunky block of a mouse the ST used to have too? The top of the ST was a real pain to keep clean too for some weird reason.
our guitarist and i were reminiscing about this only yesterday lol i would have killed for a falcon back then too… crazy to think that your average smart phone has way more capability these days :astonished:

Yep, and usually the studio mice would need a proper clean too - i lost count of the amount of times I had to do it myself when the studio had just left the poor things to fester! Falcon would have been handy in those days, certainly a lot easier than button pushing on the mixer to bounce the best vocal from 6 takes on tape!

I moved house a couple of years ago and was in TURMOIL!!! lol whether to dump it or not… i moved into a bungalow and there just wasn’t enough space to to the tip it went… shame really :frowning:
Did you ever get that problem where the RAM decided to un-attach itself and you had to bodge it with solder? pretty common problem from what i heard.

It’s easy to forget how fantastic Cubase was when it appeared in 1989 (or 88? can’t remember). I did a review of it for one of the UK magazines and it was streets ahead of anything else, including its predecessor, Pro 24.

It’s been a 21-year love/hate affair…

I used to use an Alesis MMT8 hardware sequencer for live stuff… still got it actually, that was a bloody marvellous bit of kit in it’s day too, still pretty handy if you’re into live sequencing too.
The tape based storage system and IIRC 60000 ‘note’ capacity were a bit of a limitation though.

And you think this belongs in the Cubase 5 forum, because…’?
Shouldn´t you rather take care of your fellow Mac users, who already have to take the unbearable burden of having to go through all those many windows posts, and post this somewhere it belongs to…?

yes its a very OT Topic and it will be either closed or moved…
but its very interesting all the same :slight_smile:
the other day while tidying up my Studio all kinds of old memories turned up :slight_smile:

its really been a long and very creative time with a really cool piece of Software…

… seeing as cubase 6 is out now and this section of the forum has been renamed ‘cubase 5 and earlier’ i think this post is completely legitimate… quite nice too to be having a civilised exchange between mac and pc owners too… see we’re not all children! well some of us aren’t…
lol yeah a mate of mine still has his old steinberg hardware languishing in the back of his garage… we were having a good laugh at it a few months back :smiley:

I can never forget Cubase 2.01 for Atari, awesome graphics and phenomenal midi performance. And the excellent manual written by Ernst Nathorst-Böös!

… It was back in '91 when I purchased my first and only full copy of Cubase. Since then, it’s been upgrades only!

Who was Mike Hunt anyway?

Remember hooking up an external PC power supply, 'cos the internal one was overstressed and always blew up? And those monochrome monitors that blew the Line Output Transformer - which was an unobtainable spare part? And having to return your new Falcon for a clock modification that enabled Cubase Audio? And the 3rd-party audio driver which was unstable until you made an undocumented change to the defailt settings? And…

Yeah … Pro 24 blew me away. Even though it was ‘just’ MIDI I couldn’t believe what I was hearing … and seeing!

It’s been a L-O-N-G haul since then … CDX D5 / Cubase Audio, Cubase VST, SX, and a couple of hardware multi trackers in there somewhere … LOL.

Funnily enough I sold my Atari ST4 and an external HD (big as an LP) with the last Cubase Score (and believe it or not a copy of the Steinberg’s sample editor Avalon) for 75% of what I had paid for it 15 years earlier! Try that with a beige box PC these days. 'Course now it’s probably a ‘Collectors Item’.

My Cubase 5.5.2 with the Steinberg 816csx interface is really the first time I’ve felt like it really is a studio in a box. It works great (along with a MIDI interface unfortunately) and runs all day every day … I can’t remember the last crash I had.

Hope V6 is just as good … I’ll make jump as soon as the current project is put to bed!



still got a st1040 e with 4 meg of ram ,cubase 2.1 ,sm124 monitor and the midex for the dongles :smiley: i made the lid of the st removable as i had problems with the ram staying in place so i wedged it with matches , seems to have worked for the last 20 years like it so i just left it as it was , i think my longest session was 4 1/2 days , locking doors ,refusing to answer to anyone that called , i think on an average session id have to remove the mouse ball and clean it about 6 times lol , god i miss those days

actually iv’e still got 2x st520’s as well with the replay 16 samplers , only with 1/2 a meg tho lol
old photo from 93 lol


Ah yes, i also still have my Atari mega 4 and the red midex.And my cubase 3 disk and dongle!
It was all midi those days.But i was working with such enthusiasm! I miss that…
We are now complaining about the colors of our 128 channel mixer full of eqs,compressors,reverbs,automation etc…

aahhh yes , simple solution to that , dual monitor display , mixer open on one screen and go and buy insulation tape all different colours and stick on screen on the mixer channels as you require … problem solved !


yeah the red midex… that was a real dream… I only managed to buy the the key EX…

how true about the complaining…
Wow, a MegaST4 used to be another dream of mine… but I was still quite happy with my 1040ST which I sold with a tear shortly bevor Christmas.
Nowadays I’m complaining about my WIN-7 32Bit Quadcore because I can only access 3.75GB of the RAM…
the problems are somewhat the same but on a different level…

and when I switch over to WIN-7 64bit I’ll surely find something to complain about too :slight_smile:

Still have the ST1040 in the closet along with the 30mb hard drive the size of a turntable.
I have 2 working partners with the same gear. I remember those days well! :slight_smile:


Ooo you had a hard drive :ugeek:
We had to put up with floppys :cry:
But we did have a Midex+ box :nerd:

Got that after having to put up with the floppys. Wow! I forgot about those. :slight_smile: