Cubase on iPad?

Now I’m really getting ready for Cubase on iPad. When can I expect it?


Yeah! Why not. :slight_smile:
But give us an Android version first! :slight_smile:

Android too, yes sure! It would be great with an Android and iPad version of Cubase that works together with the “grown up” version of Cubase on Mac and Windows.

And the Blackberry. No. The Nokia. Does Prada have a version? Oh, Dior darlings! :mrgreen:

I want a version for my casio digital watch.

Yes, yes… Jason and Conman… I can hear you - but the future will tell what this is all about. :smiley:

I am with you and you are right.
Of course, in a few years these small devices could be running powerful applications.
I am just having a little fun.

And we are missing a “like” button in this forum. A “like” on your comment jaslan (got your name right this time) :slight_smile:

i HAVE cubase on my casio digital watch. it uses my wrist as a dongle. all fine until a local musician with a hacksaw came along… :slight_smile:

A lite version of Cubase for iPad would be great. I would think it would be easier to port to iOS than Android, and it would be great to sketch songs on the iPad, then finish them in the full version.

Would be very cool when there was a stripped down tablet version of Cubase with better midi editing functionality then Garageband.
Hook it up to the Alesis iO Dock and sketch away anywhere you want :sunglasses:

I think after ipad 3 arrives with enough power inside, that will get big daw makers to move in that direction.I cant imagine what will you do with it now on ipad2? Well maybe something descent if you bounce much, bouncing itself would take ages i presume. First lets get power inside those gadgets then lets get serious with them!Of course its nice to imagine whats coming, midi keyboard in air, harddisk and daw running over the web, ivy bridge that makes coffy, people running on electricity instead of food :slight_smile: take care

who feels like time wasting a lot can make a workaround to find a way to waste time to install cubase 32bit on a windows mobile phone and let me know how to do it so i can waste time too, right? and maybe then i can install all my 50 vsti insruments on it if i find a 1TB hdd for the windows mobile phone… guys get serious, wake up, daw is for computers only.

Hi fried braines. Your comment reminded me of this statement:

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” – Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943


Yes, or “640 kb should be enough for everybody” Bill Gates

Or “You don’t need ability to upgrade. 128k is enough” Steven Jobs - 1984

Tablets “compute” too :wink:

High-end tablet pc’s are already able to run Cubase with their i5’s and i7’s, like the Lifebook t580 or t731. Although they are not as compact as an Ipad and their price is three to four times higher.
A few years back I used my Samsung NC10 (Intel Atom N270 based netbook) as a sketchpad for Cubase 4. As long as I used pretty light VSTi’s it worked perfect to sketch out some melodies. So I can’t see why tablets based on the Intel Atom N450 for instance, can’t do the same.

I think processing power is the least of the problems when going to a compact production environment. Monitoring, acoustic room treatment, desktop workspace and external gear for instance, are the things we can’t capture in a tablet pc :wink:

“Like” buttons should stay on “Farcebook”… :imp:

As for Cubase on a pad, seems like it might be a PITA to do anything much on the midget screen.

Steiny is already releasing loopmash for iOS, so I guess it may be a matter of time, probably Sequel will get ported.

If Cubase AI can run on a MOTIF, I’m sure they can make something work for iPad.
I’m not talking about a full version, just something that has the basic instruments, allows you to record and edit midi and some basic audio recording functions.
Audio is probably the biggest hurdle because of limited storage and limited power, so they would have to leave out the bells and whistles.

For me, the shortcomings of GarageBand on iPad are no midi editing and lack of export options. Other than that, it’s a great way to capture ideas. I would just love to be able to transfer these ideas to my full version of Cubase to finish them.

I’ve actually been able to change tracks using my toaster once in a while.