Cubase on ipad

I think that works great with “Chord Track” in C7 (if cubasis got this little function)

I just wonder, why garage band worth $5 but this worth $50? Just because you choose Cubase over Logic, so you need to pay $45 more?

If this priced at $5, $10, $15 i’ll just get it right away. But $50?? let me think…

  1. if i’m doing serious project, i will bring my MacBook Pro and use C7
  2. if i’m just playing around, Garage Band do the work.

I would love to try before to make the decision. But, i won’t pay my hard earned cash without using it on my own iPad 3.



i myself am not sure about the £50 price tag !!!

  • no trial version/lite :frowning:

This is great, finally some mobile app that can easily talk with Cubase. Exactly what I wished for.
Price shouldn’t be a problem for Apple users.

At last dockable “windows” in Cubase ?

Well, regarding the question of why you pay $50, ask yourself if it’s realistic to expect all this for $5? All this from people that are seemingly happy to pay bloated Apple prices for proprietary hardware and a closed software market-place.

Key features from the Steinberg web-site -

Unlimited audio and MIDI tracks (depending on the device used)
Over 70 virtual instrument sounds based on HALion Sonic
Mixer with over 10 effect processors (insert and send effects)
Over 300 MIDI and audio loops
Virtual keyboard and virtual drum pads
Sample Editor and Key Editor
Export to Cubase, Dropbox, SoundCloud, AudioCopy & email
Core Audio and Core MIDI compatible hardware supported
Sequence other Core MIDI apps (MIDI recording only) and run Cubasis simultaneously via background audio
Import audio from your iTunes music library or using iTunes filesharing, use AudioPaste or set up a Wi-Fi server in Cubasis

When Cubase first came out it costs many hundreds of pounds, and did none of these things.

If you can remember what a 4-track PortaStudio was, try and remember what they used to cost. Then ask yourself if those machines had any these features - and whether it sounded any good.

Also try and imagine how many hours of development time went into producing, testing and marketing this code, and see if you can estimate how many you’d need to sell at $5 a throw to actually make a living from it.

I seriously worry about the iPod generation and their understanding of the value of things. Just because Apple attaches almost no value to their music production tools, doesn’t mean that all other competing products are worthless too.

Frankly, I’d be happy for Steinberg to focus on supporting the ‘serious’ products, and let the $5 app community waste Apple’s time.

I’d rather have a NICE Cubase controller app for ipad AND android than this.

one of the weakest arguements of all time. Yeah when hard drives first came out i paid $800 for a 20 Meg hard drive. big deal. now 1 gig USB stick costs $1. so what. this is supposed to justify your arguement? once horses pulled carts…i should be grateful for my crappy car? pffft.

anyways any kind of Cubase for ipad is great news! well done Steinberg for beating the others to it!!! especially for beating Ableton to the post they must be pulling their hair out


That’s pretty awesome but can there be Android as well I wonder?

I rather pay a few euro’s extra and keep development going on.
And when I look at the competition like Auria, you’ll pay almost the same and that one is only audio. No MIDI, no keyeditor, no seamless intergration with Cubase.

Quality costs money! Especially for specialized products.
You don’t need it, if it is too expensive for you.

You missed the point.

I don’t expect to get everything free. I agree C7 is a great updates, but I don’t know if the cubasis is good (at least I don’t have the chance to try unless I paid it full). I’m just asking ONE question, if there is not one, but several products doing the same thing, how you put a price tag on it? Each of the software, apps are developed under great effort , and many many working hours.

I’m a cubase user since cubase 4, pay for each update except 6.5, paying for C7 is more than willing to.
But if every DAW cost you around $400-$500, what makes you put your price tag on your own daw at $1000?

Does anyone know how much space a full install of Cubasis will take up on an iPad? TIA.

Full install is 298mb

I loved using garageband as a midi sketch pad, so did not hesitate when I saw this. As for the price …well it seems fair to me, though they should release a trial version.

I don’t know how willing non Cubase/DAW users would be to purchase at that price.

Garage Band app is an Apple product - probably sold very close to - or less than - development cost.
The point is to sell more iPads.

When google fixes the audio engine and makes a RT backend a mandatory part of the OS for OEM’s, then wait 2 years for all OEMs to comply and then a further year for software developers to catch up

Unlike PC’s third party developers cannot fix this since there is little or no commonality between hardware using Android

So 2017?

I’ve never understood the humour behind this joke :confused:

Not surprising, Google have been way behind on the Web Standards front for a long time.

Unlike PC’s third party developers cannot fix this since there is little or no commonality between hardware using Android

Are you saying as Steinberg made ASIO due to PC (mac/windows) with the former having a working audio engine and the latter mixing/multimedia scheduling that it is not possible with Android due to disparate device architectures?

It’s called loss leading.

Yes and no, its not just ASIO and they would have to rewrite it for every processor architecture out there, there are primarily Android devices on ARM in the west but MIPS is also popular in Asia, particularly China and we have PPC and a few x86 Android devices as well. Unlike x86 and PPC chips ARM and MIPS chips are not fully compatible to each other in addition I/O is not standardised at all so it means there are literally hundreds or architectures out there while on PC’s the hardware is standardised and on Mac you can trust the OS to take care of it to a larger degree. Remember Steinberg wrote some of the audio/MIDI code shipped with Windows 2000 that is the basis for some of the stuff still used today in Win 8 so they have had to go down deep in the past, but doing it for dozens or even hundreds of separate systems is just not feasible.

Google has promised to fix this issue for a couple of years now by implementing a standard RT I/O model and timing reference but so far it is not there yet and that means simple audio applications, machine specific RT audio apps and control panels and so on but no “global” semi-pro music apps for now

Note Java has a RT(able) I/O model and there in fact exist a couple of half decent audio/MIDI sequencers for the platform so this is doable, it is just a question of priorities for google

I didn’t hesitate buying Cubasis. But what surprised me was that, for that price, they didn’t go the extra step and build a full Cubase controller into the app, as an extra page. This would make it the perfect remote workpad / home ‘docking’ solution.

Cost isn’t the issue for me. What I want is the most elegant solution to the dilemma of how to marry the mobile ambition with studio function. I don’t want to use 10 different apps to work with Cubase. I want one. Surely that’s what everyone wants!?!?! For god’s sake, it’s just code. It’s hardly a major extra impost on the iPad’s memory/processor. Do it and charge a bit more, I don’t care. Just do it and complete the job. I’m just a bit sick of half-arsed outcomes.

Because Apple is into selling more iPads and Steinberg is into selling software.
Seems obvious to me…

No man. garage band costs a way more than $5, you keep paying for it with every new purchase at itunes. And in case of purchasing Cubasis, you’ll pay $11,54 for your garage band again. Enjoy the iWorld. :wink: