Cubase on M2 macbook pro or air?

Hi everyone, I’m a PC cubase user, lots of orchestral libraries, a lot of recording and editing. For the road I have an old macbook pro just for email and surfing, but I need a new one, and want to be able to do some work on it (no big Spitfire stuff, more recording and editing). So here’s the question:
For around 2000 euros I can go with a macbook pro M2/16GB or a macbook Air with the same specifications. Is there a good reason to go/not go with one or the other?
Is the M2 a good choice for us Cubase adepts?
Also, I’m reading some scary stories about cubase not running so good on a mac, is that still an issue with the M2 and cubase 12? Or is it old news?
Thanks in advance for your astute opinions!