Cubase on mac m2 with UAD

Hello just wanted to confirm, UAD plugins no longer works with mac computers both m1 and m2? Really gutted to hear this if so as I wanted to buy a new macbook pro this year so im torn between a new DAW or ditching UAD to continue to use Cubase.


Let me know if anyone else has same issue? What are people doing?

Thankyou, and big fan of Cubase.


They are working, but not natively. You have to start Cubase in the Rosetta 2 mode, to be able to use UAD plug-ins.

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ok thankyou, ill look into it. some quick research suggest that Rosetta caps performance? Seems like my only worry

how about the Spark bundle - do they run with the latest Mac Pro they announced today?

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oh god im sticking with pc, seems like a nightmare.