Cubase on new PC, Observations & Questions

Hi All,

I’ve just built a new PC (see sig). Still loading software though. Takes forever. Just loaded an 80 track song for the first time and obtained the expected performance boost. But… I noticed something strange.

The vst performance seems to look much better at 128 samples than at 1024 which is what I used to run at. The only way I can explain this is if Cubase makes better multi-threading decisions under a greater load but that’s just a wild guess. I should be happy with this and I am, but I’ve got to know what’s happening here.

Have any of you seen this behavior or know what is causing it?


I’ve never experienced it, but I recall the Native Instruments KB mentions something about it in their Windows 7 Tuning tips.
FWIW, I did not experience the same behaviour. My ASIO and CPU load is a lot higher at 128 than 1024.
But I have to say, since I run a 3930K system, I never had to drop all the way to 1024, I’m even running it in ECO mode :wink:
Great CPU!

Check with your soundcard site forum to see if there are issues at higher latencies. I’ve never had to go that high, most was 256. My old Emu 1212m card had instability on later drivers at higher latencies.

I’ve seen this happen on my friend’s computer running Ableton Live. He was on Windows 7 and if he put the buffer size up too high, he would get worse performance. He had to find a good medium setting to get optimal performance. I found that very weird. Not sure what sound card he had though.