Cubase on two computers

Is it possible to have one Cubase product on two computers? I run Cubase Elements 6 on my iMac, but I want to run it on my MacBook Air as well. If so, can you help me out as to how I can do this?

you certainly can ,your licence is on the dongle so you can move your dongle from one computer to another which then uses the licence on that computer ,its that simple .


Just to clarify, you need to purchase a USB eLicenser and transfer your Soft eLicenser to that.

Then you will be able to do as John says.

Also, if you put your license on the dongle you are already prepared if you wish to upgrade to a higher version which requires it.

In default, Cubase Elements is not on USB Key. You have to buy it separately, and copy Soft licence to the USB.

Just to be informed completely, it’s not possible to go back from USB to Soft licencer, ever.