Cubase on two pc's

I have Cubase 6 lisenced to my studio PC. With E-lisence usb. Is it possible to use the same lisence on a laptop, bringing the usb lisence with me? And then putting it back in to my studio pc afterwards?


Yes. If you install Cubase on your laptop and then plug in the USB e-Licenser, it will work.
If Cubase on your laptop asks you to register, just click “Already registered”

yes you just need to plug your dongle in once the elicencer is installed on your laptop BUT remember to be very careful with the dongle as you will be in a world of pain if it breaks ! steinberg will replace it and i do believe there are companies out there that make rubberised cases for it for travelling purposes .so go ahead and have that mobile recording setup you rely want …

all the best

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: