Cubase open Dorico project?

I don’t thinks its possible but I would love for Cubase to be able to open a Dorico project. I know folks have talked about integrating them (I would love to be able to use Dorico instead of Score inside of Cubase too, but that seems more difficult to implement). It would be great to just open the Dorico project directly from Cubase and have Cubase map it out just like in Dorico (VSTi’s and all). Now with Dorico 4 that seems feasible.

How do you folks who use both programs go between the two? MIDI files and MusicXML?

I know it depends on your workflow. and the type of music you are doing. In a situation where I know I need a score, I imagine I would score in Dorico and then want to fine tune the recording after. Compared to creating a recording in Cubase first and then deciding to score it in Dorico. Im sure it would be more feasible for Cubase to open a Dorico project than Dorico to open a Cubase one.

You can export MIDI from Dorico and import it in Cubase. I have just played around with this so far, so no real experience how good that is.

I added the feature-request tag to your posting.

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