Cubase opinions wanted

Hello all. I currently run 2-laptops, an older Apple MacBook Pro and a Windows 10 machine. In recent years I’ve become increasingly disillusioned with Apple and this has been further compounded by the fact that my Roland-MIDI-Interface that I use with ‘Logic’ will no longer work with the latest operating system!! I’m considering switching to Cubase and wanted to court public opinion on what users think of it and how it can be used in conjunction with Dorico? Thank you


actually there is no formal integration between Cubase and Dorico (although that is a common dream of many) but you can export midi or audio from Dorico and work with it later in Cubase. I don’t normally use the score editor in Cubase (a couple of times I have), but until I understand it is powerful, not being so great as Dorico, of course.

And regarding opinions on Cubase, well, here are we at the Cubase subforum, so I guess opinions will be in general positive. For my side I can tell you I wouldn’t switch to another system even if someone would pay me very well. I speak for the Pro version. I can’t say if the newer versions will run in your old Apple, but at least my Pro version 11 runs very well in an eight to nine years old notebook with i7 processor, 32 GB RAM. With less RAM should be run too.