Cubase or HALion SE Problem?

A few years ago, I bought the HALion Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance & Treibwerk libraries in the form of VSTs. These libraries could be used individually as VST or as libraries with HALion 6, Sonic or SE. Now they have become HALion-only libraries; it is no longer possible to use them as VSTs.

I have some old Cubase files that used these libraries as VST. The problem I encounter with the tracks that used these is that they are no longer recognized and cannot be loaded and therefore the Preset that was used. As I made the mistake of not taking note of the Preset used by the library, I find myself in a rather unpleasant situation. In itself, this is not dramatic, but disappointing.

Cubase Warnings (Tuesday, March 22, 2022)
On loading: D:\• CUBASE Projects…
-------------------------------------------------- ----

The plug-in “Hypnotic Dance” could not be found for Instrument Track “Hypnotic Dance 01”!
The “Dark Planet” plug-in could not be found for Instrument Track “Dark Planet 01”!
The plug-in “Triebwerk” could not be found for Instrument Track “Triebwerk 01”!

-------------------------------------------------- ----

I understand that SB has abandoned the VST of these libraries in favor of HALion, but why doesn’t HALion automatically load instead of the VST of these libraries and does not load the library? This seems totally illogical to me.

Steinberg, when you make decisions, make sure things work out. A track in this situation is not a major problem, but when you have several tracks in a project that used these libraries, it becomes a problem.

Gentlemen engineers, logic and compatibility please. Is there a solution to this problem?

And you guys, take notes, don’t do like me…


Sorry, there is no way around.

The only way would be to start older Cubase version, make a notes and then load the same sound within HALion Sonic.

From Cubase (and any DAW) point of view, Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance & Treibwerk are other non-related plug-ins. It’s not possible to develop any plug-in to steel from the other one.

Imagine, company B would write this kind of plug-in to transfer all data from company A to their plug-in. This is just not possible.