cubase or nuendo (premiere..)

the subject is a little confusing , but my problem is that i don’t know what to buy
since i work with premiere , is there any reason to buy nuendo vs cubase ?
because people who chose nuendo do it because of the video function beside that , for me it’s the same soft than cubase , am i right or wrong here?

in the end i will save 1200^$
maybe there are other things that i don’t know about nuendo ,
so can you help me on that ?


Nuendo isn’t intended to be a “Cubase+”. Basically if you’re only composing/producing and mixing music then you don’t need Nuendo. If you’re planning to do more than that, then Nuendo has several features that you’ll benefit from.

Here’s some of the differences between the previous version of Nuendo and Cubase:

Also check out these pages:

ok so it’s not only the addition of the video , it’s an entirely new software with much more features

that’s why it costs a lot
thanks dude