Cubase OS9 Files corrupted by OS10 HD

Hi,I just joined this forum, so first off a big Hello to all the folks out there :wink:

So I have a bunch of old OS9 Cubase VST files that were backed up onto a hard drive
I couldn’t open these files with later versions of Cubase, but I now have access to an old
Ibook running OS9 with Cubase.

Now here’s the problem, since the files have been stored on an hard drive that has been used by OS10
my files have changed!

They no longer appear with the right icons when I load them onto my OS9 system.
I know that OS10 uses a different file system and it appears that my old OS9 files have been changed by this.

Anyone out there know how I can repair these files to load them back onto OS9 in their original state?



can you open them from within the application? (even though the files appear different).

this thread may help you too