Cubase Out to OBS Audio In


is there a way to connect Cubase´s Audio to OBS (Open Broadcast Software)?. As Firefox youtube videos and my Mic are recognized in OBS Cubase´s OUT is not.
Cubase studio settings looks like this: BUS1 > Focusrite Out1/2

Maybe there is another way to create a Out from Cubase to achieve screenrecording audio or so.
BTW: Its the same issue with my Fireface: Seems to be a general routing thing somehow…

THX for Help!!

Cubase 10.5

You should be able to, using Loop Back in your interface. RME supports it.
I would use an output from the interface and a physical cable to connect it to the onboard/motherboard sound input.
Then you don’t have to worry about ASIO performance, and generally it is easier to maintain a simple setup.
Try this.