Cubase output question

is it possible in Cubase to set the input on the sound card and the output on the internal output (PC speakers) without using the sound card ? That’s i would like but i can’t. So if i use the sound card output, the level is very low, i have to put my speakers to the max but it’s not the solution…
Thanks for help…

Cubase only allows you to have one audio interface enabled at a time - both for input & output. So you cannot directly do this. However folks do use ASIO4ALL as a workaround. I’ve never used it, but as I understand it ASIO4ALL is what Cubase will see as your single interface, but it can then use different devices for input & output.

Cubase allows only one ASIO driver. If that handles the different Interface, Cubase allows to use as many interfaces as you like.

Thanks for clarifying that out. From the OP’s description of their config, this likely won’t come into play in this situation though.

Probably not, but it´s basically what you wrote before already ASIO4all handles the different devices, and presents them as one device to Cubase.

OK, but i’m on Mac OS, is there a way though?

Yes also plenty of threads on the Forums.