Cubase outputs not visible on Nucleus2

Received my SSL Nucleus2 (MCU controller) this week, replacing my Avid Artist Mix EUCON controllers.
But for some reason I’m not being able to get my OUTPUT tracks lined up on my controller.
All channel types are visible (input, midi, audio, vsti) except the outputs (got 16 for my SSL,Sigma)
Any suggestions on where I might go wrong?


As far as I know, Input and Output Channels are not placed on the hardware when using MCU standard.

Wow that’s 1-0 for EUCON

will setup 16 VCA’s then :slight_smile:


At MCU hardware (the original Mackie) is one fader to control the “Master”. This one is sending PitchBend on Channel 9. I haven’t ever tried if PitchBend on Channel 10 would control the next Output.

Yes you’re probably right, but that would break the MCU channel mapping for everything else, VCA’s or subgroups mirroring these outputs are probably the cleaner solution.


I have just tested it. PitchBend on Channel 10 doesn’t control Output 2 fader while using MCU protocol.