Cubase overwrites CC data everytime I load a new track

I use a Korg nanoKONTROL 2 for my CC control. The first switch comes originally assigned to CC0. Now I need this one to control the CC11 and so i changed the assignment in the KORG kontrol editor to 11. Whenever I use cubase though, everytime I load in a new Instrument track, it overwrites my assigned CC again and changes the first switch to 0. When I unplug the nanoKontrol and plug it back in it works again, but there has o be a solution so I don’ have to unplug my controler everytime, right? What can i do?


Disable nanoKontrol for the MIDI Remote, please.

but then the first switch becomes CC#0 again, right? I need it to be CC#11 cause that’s where Expression on the Spitfire symphony orchestra is controlled. So then’d have to remap it for every instrument. I have Cubase Artist, I can’t change the assigned CCs IN cubase, right?


When you are using nanoKontrol as a MIDI Remote Device, it sends a dedicated SysEx message while starting Cubase. This SysEx message sets the nanoKontrol to the default settings. So if you custom the settings, it becomes overwritten, during the Cubase run.

If you disable the nanoKontrol as MIDI Remote, it will not overwrite your custom settings anymore.

so, i went to the midi remote manager and disabled the script for my nanokontrol 2 and that really worked! I uploaded a new instrument and also restarted cubase and the CC did not get remapped. I wish i would have asked for help sooner and just accepted this problem all the time. Thank you for the help!