Cubase, patchbays, protools inputs... CONFUSION

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to set up my studio so that the outboard gear I have (EQ, compressors etc) functions somewhat like a protools system of channels ins and outs. I’m really confused on this, and I am trying to figure out how to do this sort of thing in cubase pro. Basically send a channel to a compressor, and have the signal go back to that channel etc.

Could anyone please enlighten me?!
Many thankssss

Set up an external effect in VST connections

Yes external effect (its gonna be complicated for the first one only) then its simple. BTW you dont use any compresser EQ from Waves? They sound really good and I got some hardware here , pro equipment , and it doesnt sound better really I mean … one thing is for sure: its often CLOSE if not better wity waves plug ins. :wink: