Cubase performance at the moment

Haze the performance improved the last few update,s or haze decreased :smiley: :angry: .

Going to specifics:

-Loading time project(s).
-Loading time Presets (steinberg vst instruments).
-Loading time Presets (3party vst instruments).
-Loading time midi loop (media bay).
-Loading time audio loop (media bay).
-Internet connection (hub).
-Loading time adding vst instrument.

There probelly more situations you can imagine so don,t bother to add them. Like to hear your response THANKS! :smiley: .

Aloha m,

About the same here on all points.

Perhaps a slight increase in loading times (-Loading time project(s).)
but nothing that β€˜jumps out at ya’.

Good Luck!

As fast as 6.5 for me…