Cubase Performance Issue

Hi guys,

This has been a problem really for the past year or so, but I’ve put it down to my computer not being brand new and possibly just a simple issue of my computer not being able to sensibly run what I’m trying to run! However, after saying out loud “I need to upgrade my computer”, I realised I really shouldn’t have to be thinking about that yet (I only got my computer full spec a year ago!).

My issue is that after a few hours of working on a project, and having added so many VSTis and VST effects, it gets to a point where when I try to add another instrument, it simply won’t load the instrument. I then need to shut down my computer, reload the project, and then add it, which it will do. However, when it gets to this point it is rather unstable and the slightest thing seem to make it crash. It’s almost like my computer has run out of memory and can’t add anything else without a refresh/reboot.

However, this really shouldn’t be happening. I don’t have a silly amount of VSTi’s running (not that I should have to be careful with my spec PC!) and the VSTi’s aren’t massively CPU intensive. The ones I tend to use the most are:

Kontakt 4
Battery 3

A typical project will have a Kontakt with 16 outs running, a Battery with 16 outs, three or four Sylenth1’s, one instance of Massive, and three or four Nexus’. Plus additional VSTs for FX etc.

This doesn’t seem unreasonable to be able to run this on the following spec PC:

Motherboard: ASUS P5Q Premium
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650
Memory: 4GB DDR2 RAM
Soundcard: M-Audio Audiophile 192
OS: Windows 7 Home Edition 32-bit

Or am I being slightly too optimistic with what I am expecting from my machine, and I really am due an upgrade?

It’s a memory issue.

You could add the 3GB switch to W7 32 bit to get a little more out of your setup. The next best thing would be to run W7 64-bit and Cubase 32-bit with J-Bridge for all VSTi’s. Ideally it would be the above with 64-bit Cubase if all drivers and plugs you use play nice with it.