Cubase Periodically Crashing Windows 10

Hey guys,

Cubase 8.5 Pro EE periodically crashes and closes in Win 10. I am new to Cubase and trying to get figure out what is causing this. I have been trying to monitor CPU and RAM usage but I m not nearly using what this machine has. 48gb of DDR3 RAM and Dual Xeon x5680s. I am wondering if something in Cubase is causing spikes thus crashing the program but really don t know how to test this. I read around on the internet but no one seemed to have an answer that helped me.

I am sure you will most likely need more information so don’t hesitate to ask.

Any help is appreciated.


Hello Kevin,

I have to move this, as it is not a bug report (

Please, contact support describing the issue with as many details as possible (PC full specs, audio card and ASIO driver in use, plug-ins used, last actions performed before the crash). Please, also check if Cubase saved crash dump files when crashing (these are located in Documents -> Steinberg -> Crash Dumps).

In order to trouble-shoot spikes, please make sure all system drivers are up to date (from the mainboard manufacturer’s website) and set a High Performance Power Plan in Windows (Control Panel -> Power Options): click on ‘Change plan setting’ and then on ‘Change advanced power settings’ - in the advanced options, please set the HD to never sleep and USB selective suspend to ‘Disabled’.

Additional tweaks may be needed in the BIOS:

I hope this helps.