Cubase Pitchbend mysteriously stops working? (ASAP)


I’m in the middle of a big project with a deadline in 2 days, and my pitchbend stops working, which is pretty much 80% of the track. I basically have a kontakt instrument in Vienna Ensemble pro pitchbending VIA midi in cubase project window, nothing complicated. It starts not respodning out of no where, not sure if I hit something.

Now, I tried pitchbending on the 3rd instrument in kontakt, and it for some reason works. So, I tried switching channels and replacing that instrument with the one I’m actaully trying to bend, but it just stops working again.

Now the weirdest part, this contact instrument has built in keyswitches, so the pitchbend stops working on a certain articulation (sustain strings), but works on another articulation (tremlolo strings).

Any ideas? Just a glitch? Thanks!