Cubase pitchshift due to Windows Vista activity

Shortly I replaced Cubase 6. Now I use Cubase 7

At times I had problems with Cubase 6 running on Windows Vista (with Cubase 4 and earlier on XP I had no problems). At a sudden the pitch shifted. However the tempo remained allright.

Now with Cubase7 the frequency of incidence increased.

Is there a way to remedy this problem?


I always use the same sample rate (44.100 kHz) as defined in the project setup.

Yesterday I installed the Cubase 7.0.2 and the latest eLicenser software.
Now the problem has become permanent.
When I play guitar or bass guitar Cubase is constantly out of tune.
However when I use my digital piano as a master keyboard for VST instruments it is in tune with Cubase, but Cubase is out of tune with the internal sound of the piano. You can here that very well when you play them both at the same time.

What could cause this problem?

If it was a sample rate problem, the playback speed would change as well as the pitch.

Messing with the project’s “root key” and the “global transpose” setting can cause something like what you’re hearing…
Maybe you altered these things by accident?

I have the same problem with all projects. So for now I can’t use Cubase.
The root key and global transpose are set within a project.
So it must be something else.
By the way I checked some projects, all had default root key.
Also I think that Cubase has been transposed microtonally

Any suggestions?

Problem solved!

I have changed the sample rate/core audio sample rate of my Echo Audio Mia MIDI sound card from 48 to 44.1 kHz (equal to my projects).