Cubase playing sound on screen but not coming out of UR22

I have tried a Xenix and an R8 and they didn’t work properly so I though “what would cubase like the most”? - the Steinberg UR22? OK lets try that
I have a project which is obviously playing audio as the green level meters are all happily bouncing about, but there is no sound coming out of the UR22 to either the phones or outputs + speakers
I have gone into Studio > studio setup > yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO and then gone into Studio > Audio Connections and seen the UR22 doing what it should in the inputs and outputs sections. All good. But no sound. i would just like to hear something and record a bit of guitar
I have also uninstalled the ASIO drivers for the Zoom R8 and uninstalled ASIO4ALL not that I imagine that would make any difference but in case they were interfering. i have not gone into any audio settings on the computer. It has DTS whatever that is. Please give me a hand
Thanks Justin

Hey Justin, is your control room enabled. It’s a common issue that may not let sound come out of the monitor.

Thanks Wickham Sky, I plugged 5VDC in and something popped into action. Also I was not using the input / DAW knob effectively, but its working now - thanks for your help!!