Cubase plays soundfiles but NOT VSTs!

Dear Anyone.

OK, for starters I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right forum which is a great start. I’ve been given Cubase Portable. So I’m not entirely sure what version it is. The thing IS, it plays soundfiles fine - I’ve dragged MP3s and .Wavs into it and they work. I cannot get a noise out of any VST with it for love nor money. Forget music, right now I’d be happy to get a squeak! They all flash. The main exit - I don’t know all the technical terms yet, sorry, but the main exit - bus is it? Flashes in just the same way as it does with soundfiles (the main exit column with the lights and the sliders) but it makes no noise.

Soundfiles - flashing lights and noise. VSTs - same flashing lights exactly, no noise.

I wish I could be more helpful but if I could I’d be solving the darned problem myself.

Be gentle with a dumbass noob !

Setup. Cubase Portable. Foxconn motherboard, with IDT High Definition Audio Codec - no soundcard but everything else sounds fine on it. It’s got these ’ orrible PCIe slots that only work with soundcards that cost hundreds so I can’t use my lovely Soundblaster Live any more (as far as I know) And Windows XP, because the antique music software that DOES play VSTs hates any other windows (I’m using a lovely notation package - QSE Level 2).

QSE plays all VSTs fine so I know it CAN be done. I just don’t see why Cubase don’t wanna do it. You ARE supposed to be able to use VSTs with it aren’t you, it’s not JUST for soundfiles is it?

Yours puzzledly