Cubase please compete with Logic and Waves re. 2nd licenses

This is the week when Logic Pro Users got a major update, which they can install on any number of their machines, for free. And Waves users got free 2nd licenses. (Sonnox also added free iLok cloud 2nd licenses recently.) Hooray!

Meanwhile, my beloved Cubase charges me $100 every year for updates.(New soft synth anyone?) And I have to buy an additional Cubase Elements license for my laptop, to work on projects on-the-go without a dongle. (and juggle features, freezing etc).

Please Steinberg,

  1. find a way for Cubase Pro users to work dongle-free on a 2nd machine occasionally?
  2. Failing that, at least give us multiple-channel freezing to make projects more easily portable?

thanks. Rock on!