Cubase Plug-in Sentinel: Blacklisted plug-ins

P.S.: Is there any further information I can gather to send to devs? I can’t see some sort of validation log or diagnostic report as to why these failed that I can send them.

DITTO! If a plug-in refuses to be ‘re-activated’, there should be some sort of Reason Code or Log.

On OSX 10.11.6 Pro9 Steinberg’s own "The Grand 3 (3.1.1) is blacklisted despite being a 64bit VST3. Hmm. Should I update to macos sierra then? Seems like that will just add more problems. :frowning:

Clearly, you didn’t read this thread/article: … r-Cubase-9

Hi all,

dropping 32-bit has been announced in June, right.

The new VST Scanner have been announced to developers in advance as well of course (in August), providing a tool to check if their plug-ins crash on scanning (here is part of the communication, obviously omitting code / tools / download / contacts:
So, VST developers didn’t wake up to a surprise yesterday. Many of those affected by issues / blacklisting, have contacted directly by our developers, some actually have fixes ready.

For those who still rely on a few 32-bit only plug-ins, jBridge still works fine.

If you have VST2 / VST3 64-bit plug-ins getting blacklisted, please let the developer know, they usually know where to get in touch for VST SDK related info, if not, they can contact Steinberg Support, we’ll forward the info to the proper people.

UAD1 runs fine under jbridge here on C9 win7 64!

Use Cubase 8.5 next to C9. There is no issue. Bitbridging always has been an achilles heel, other DAWs have kicked 32 bit a few versions ago.

My EastWest Play engine is blacklisted. That seems like a big one.

DSarp: you can reactivate the East West Play 5.0.0 Plugin in the Plugin Manager. East West will release very soon an update for Play 5.0.0 that will pass the Scanner without problems.

“DITTO! If a plug-in refuses to be ‘re-activated’, there should be some sort of Reason Code or Log.”
If a plug-in refuses to be re-activated this usually means on Windows that the dll is not a valid plugin dll. IZotope for example installs dlls into the VST Plugin folder that are no valid plugins. The scanner sorts them out.
All iZotope plugins should be available in Cubase on Windows.

Izotope Ozone 5 picked up and running perfectly on 9 here.

I’m afraid that upgrading to Sierra will not help either:
Scroll down to “The Grand 3”

The Grand is apparently incompatible with both Sierra and Cubase 9!

Why not you use 8.5 for old projects?

User of Cubase for a very long time, I rushed on the new version 9 yesterday… In the place, to wait for the first notices…
Thus the big novelty it is a module ‘Sentinel’ (anything that the name frightens) roughly that verifies all your plugins and without explanation that tosses 60 % of plug - in in a blacklist. Roughly, they become unusable… Thus your previous projects died …
The AFTER-SALES SERVICE, after some messages, tells me that I need to contact the editors of the plugin while everything works under Cubase 8.5. “Cubase9 is more stable without third party plugins”
Do not lose 100€ in this update, stay under 8.5.

That sucks. The Grand 3 does works on windows with cubase 9 though.

Are you saying that Cubase 9 does not blacklist it on Windows? That must mean that Cubase 9 is using different blacklist algorithms on Windows and macOS. This only gets worse and worse.

If using a project created in 8.5 with Kontakt loaded, most plugins will refuse to load. I’ve reported the bug. (Win10 64 bit)

The Grand 3 gets blacklisted on Sierra because it’s incompatible with that OS…

Yes, my Grand 3 has loaded up in Cubase 9 fine on my Windows PC. Must be a Mac OS incompatibility thing.

Thanks for the warning…. I was just about to upgrade to 9 after watching videos hyping it up.
Will remain on 8.5 for now.
Hopefully we can disable this scary sounding sentinel in the future