Cubase plug in set vst3

All of a sudden a larger project of mine opens up and within a second, I get an error message saying that cubase has to close and the log says that the cubase plug-in set.vst3 crashed.

Anyone had this problem or know of any solutions? I cannot even open my project anymore. Also, I am working on Windows 7 64bit and Cubase 5.5.3 64 bit

Cubase is not modular, if VST3 crashed I can’t see a way to just reinstall that part. A reinstall of Cubase is the only thing I can think of. You could trash your preferences first to see of that remedies anything (I don’t think so, but worth the try)

Location of preferences:

Start > All programs > Steinberg Cubase 5 > Cubase application data folder
here you go one folder up (green arrow button ) then it’s the folder called ‘Cubase 5’

In this folder all your preferences are kept. (workspaces, Layout, Keycommands etc) Make copy for future reference)

What about other projects? Try opening one. Does Cubase crash then also?

oops yes! first check that!

I thought you said you couldn’t open your projects, meaning all others. :blush:

Thanks guys.

It only did that with a certain project. I ended up opening the project on a different computer and deleting the last couple VSTs I had loaded. I tried it back on my main computer and it worked. Looks like Cubase didn’t like the last synth VSTs I opened in that particular project?