Cubase Plugins in VST Live

I’ve just downloaded the VST Live trial and am starting to learn how to use it on MacOS

I’ve run into a problem - I want to use the Steinberg VST REVerence, but it does not appear in the list of available plugins. Looking at the plugin manager in Cubase Pro 12, it seems that REVerence lives inside the app package as part of the Cubase Plugin Set.

How can I use these plugins in VST Live?

Hi @jmax,

the REVerence Plug-In ist not part of VST Live. All included Plug-Ins are listed here


Thanks for the response.

I’m afraid that’s going to be a deal breaker for me. I use REVerence as a performance instrument, and there’s no way around it.

I will just have to keep using Cubase Pro for live performances.

… I am sorry to hear that. REVerence has a latency of 1024 samples and it needs a host with a delay compensation. VST Live, as a live application, does not have it. That’s why REVerence is not part of VST Live.


That’s basically deciding what sorts of approaches to live performance are “valid” and what are not - taking the choice away from the artist.

I deliberately use effects with latency. For the latest performance I’m doing, I’m feeding the output of one instance of REVerence into another instance with the room size maxed out and the pre delay of one set to 500ms. All of this pre-fader with the fader all the way down.

I’m not simply using reverb to ‘wet’ up a sound. It is essentially the instrument itself.

… I see and I’ll add your workflow to our feature-wish-list.



I use another free convolution reverb, instead reference, into vstlive, without latency.
MELDA PRODUCTION have a convolution reverb, freeware, that i currently use into vstlive.

Reverence is more powerful, and i like it on cubase, but as Michael Spork told you, has too much latency.

I use a lower buffer to sing and play, so i use only plugin (in house or third party) with a zero latency or with a LIVE option (as normal compressor of cubase, that you find in vstlive, with a LIVE option).

I will check it out. Thanks!

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