Cubase plugins multiple mono for stereo tracks

In Pro Tools when you select a plugin you can select stereo or multiple mono. How do you do this in Cubase? Basically I want to have a mono plugin on the left and a mono on the right. So they each trigger from one channel only. Yes you can select channel 1 and 2 and group them to control both channels the same way with plugins. But how do you do this on a group channel?

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Open Channel Settings Window, on the left side select Inserts and down select Routing. Here you can setup routing of every single plug -in.

I do see that and also in the manual. It is on page 406 of the Cubase 9 manual. That only switches stereo inserts to mono or breaks the connection. It does not allow for multiple mono like Pro Tools does. Is there any way to use multiple mono plugins in Cubase on stereo tracks such as groups? Certain plugins such as UAD API 2500 lets you select independent processing which basically treats it like a multiple mono plugin. PT lets you do this with any plugin. I have been a long time Cubase user (10 + years). I also use PT but prefer to use Cubase. There are things that are easier in either one but Cubase wins hands down for the most part. Does anyone know if Cubase can do this?

You can load two mono plugins and route 1 Left and route 1 right, in the routing editor on the stereo/group track. Thats two mono plugs on a stereo track.

Or if you just want too do it more classic. You just load the stereo plug and use the unlink setting on the stereo plug.

The unlink doesn’t work for me…

Hu? It works perfect here. It works just the same in Cubase as it dose on my hw console and my hw 2500.

If you want more extreme effect. You will have to load it with two monos as I showed you. If not you will have to use the unlink on the stereo, and play abit with the levels and pan on the mono tracks feeding the stereo group track. Just as in the real world.

I think I know what you want to do with it. So try unlink on the stereo plugin. But pan the mono tracks feeding the group track and adjust the levels on the mono tracks. If you are using mono track channel send to feed the group track. You will have to adjust the pan if you want the signals to come hard paned in to the stereo plugin. Or else both L and R will be feeded the same signal. Just think hw console and patchbay when setting it up. Cubase dosent have lazy mans auto hard pan functions. You can adjust to taste, just as on a consol.

I think you will find the effect you are looking for.

Thank you Reflection. I did get that to work for multiple mono. When you say “try unlink on the stereo plugin.” Do you mean this?

If so what exactly does that do?

The manual only says this which is not clear.

This button allows you to link the input and output channel assignment.