Cubase popping with Aggregate Device on Mac

I’m experiencing a new issue where Cubase 12 is making popping and clicking sounds when a Mac Aggregate Device is the I/O. This is even just when monitoring audio input without recording so it’s not a buffer issue. It sounds like a clocking problem.
However, Ableton, Logic, and Studio One are all working perfectly fine with the same Aggregate Device so it’s specific to Cubase. It also works if I choose any one of the individual I/O devices rather than the Aggregate Device. I’ve checked the usual settings like ASIO Guard etc., and all the devices are set to 48khz, so I can’t figure out why this is happening only with Cubase.
Anyone experience a similar issue and get it working?


Try to increase the Buffer Size, please.

I did, all the way up to the max. That didn’t work.


I was hoping this would help. But unfortunately Aggregate Device is not officially supported in Cubase. In fact the audio devices are not synced by macOS, so this might bring some issues.

So if I have an audio interface that does not have a USB input, and I’m using an audio device that only has a USB output, there’s no way to make that work since I can’t use an Aggregate Device? In Ableton you just select different devices for input and output, and I’ve been using Aggregate Device with Cubase for years, but all of a sudden it’s not working. Very disappointing that there’s no solution to that without buying new hardware.


Then something else but Cubase has to changes.

This should work. Because you don’t need to sync the input and output. You would need to sync multiple inputs.