Cubase Por 11 crashing. 100% repeatable

This is ridiculous. Im trying to use Spectralayer in CB, the one that comes with it. just an ordinary stereo audio track (tried quite a few of them). When i try and extract Vocals it will get to either 0%, or sometimes 6%, then CB just disappears. This is 100% repeatable. it was working fine first thing thing morning.
I fail to see how a £500 piece of software works like this. Obviously its NOT my PC, because all other programs work fine. It was working fine at first, and nothing has changed other than my time is draining away and a folder if filling up with crash dumps.
Not impressed with this at all.

What is the goal of this post?

Just forget it. I guess ill have to sort it out myself,

Let’s make a proper bug report @Davebass5

  • Start a new project
  • Import an audio track containing vocals
  • Try to extract vocals using SpectraLayers …

Result: crash
And attach the dmp file you got from the location indicated in your screenshot (Cubase 64bit 2021.2.3

Thanks, i have crash dumps I can give you but after reinstalling Spectralayers (twice) its working again. No idea how to upload the dump as i cant seem to attach it to this post.
What i have had today is a messages about a serious error with SL and Cubase shut down without notice. Thing is i wasnt, and haven’t, used SL for this project, and everything has been re booted a few times since my last post.
I’m just going to un install SL and call it a day with that. I can partly understand it crashing when I’m using it, but not when i have had nothing to do with it and not even opened it.