Cubase Preset Browser slow loading

I am using the the latest version of Cubase 13. It is the most update version from May 2024. Ryzen 9 CPU, 128 gigs of Ram, All SSD and M.2 Drives in the computer tower.

Every time I try to open a preset from a Cubase instrument or FX plugin it will take 60 to 90 seconds for the presets to populate.

I was using chordpads yesterday. A have dozens of presets created. Yesterday it took almost 2 minutes to list all on the factory presets and the ones I created.

Even If I want to use a channel EQ preset, I have to wait about a minutes for the list of presets to show.

I have even set up the browser to only scan the specific folders holding the presets.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Could it be, that the Windows anti-virus is going crazy on those folders/files? (Task manager might give some hints while it’s happening?)