Cubase Presets, Profile Manager & Workspaces


I’m been having some issues with recalled cosmetic and generic remote settings when opening sessions. I’ve worked with preference presets, profile manager and workspaces presets and can’t seem to get those to work properly.

To be clear, I’m trying to save it so that the mixer shows up on another screen and to have my generic remote reference the same MIDI input when saving and opening and closing the same session.

After changing the settings to what I am looking for then saving, closing and reopening the same session file, the window placement for the mixer is not remembered. Seems like a dumb thing but it’s irritating when you are opening a movies worth of cues. The generic remote only looses it’s connection when a restart is initialized.

Also, when I created a new Profile in the profile manager it nuked everything in the:

Library > Preferences > Cubase 9.5 file

Not a total loss as my rig is the test rig but it was most certainly a shock. Full reinstall?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The “Mixer opens on a wrong screen while calling from Workspace” is an known issue.