Cubase/Presonus buffer size issue - please help?

Hello all,

I’d be grateful if you can help. I’m running Cubase 6.5 with a Presonus USB, with the latest driver installed. I want to raise the Buffer size to (at least) 512, because currently there are too many pops and clicks. However, when I go to Device Setup and click the driver control panel button, nothing happens. Worse, when I go to the Presonus control panel outside of Cubase and change the buffer size there, Cubase then fails to recognise the driver at all, and there is no sound! What in the world is going on?!

I have uninstalled/reinstalled a few times and the same problem keeps occurring.

Many thanks in advance for your help or suggestions!


Cubase 6.5 (32 bit) - Windows 7 64-bit - 6GB RAM - intel i7 2GHz

You should contact Presonus about your driver problems. Meanwhile I would recommend that you use this one.