Cubase previous versions

In the past, if you purchased the latest cubase, you could use previous versions of the same version (elements, artist, pro). If you purchase 12, can 11 still be used? Does Steinberg give a Elicense license so 11 could be run should 12 be buggy?

Yes, if you’re updating to 12.

No, if 12 is the first version you bought a license for.

Have you read this?

Ahhh I see. The old 11 license remains noted as “upgraded” but allows C11 to continue use on the Elicense.

Unfortunately, my daughters cubase is Ai 11. So if she upgrades that will be all she can do. Should have got her pro 11 to be on the safe side. Oh well, I’m guessing SB will work out bugs quickly.

And thank you for that link Steve.