Cubase pricing

Cubase 8 Pro cost 549 euro (eLicenser included)
Cubase 8 Artist cost 299 euro (eLicenser included)

But when i buy Cubase 8 Artist and then upgrade (199 euro) to Cubase 8 Pro it cost me 498.
It’s ~50 euro less then buying directly Cubase 8 Pro for 549 euro.

Is it right ?
Why it’s so?

Seems to be correct…in GBP it works out £366 to buy Artist and the upgrade rather than £404 for 8Pro.

Why is it so? Dunno!

Aloha guys,

Now that you have pointed this out, wonder if things will soon change?

Hope not.

cos you don’t need to buy the eLicenser again when you upgrade…?

It seems there was recently a price increase for the Pro full version, about 10%.
Or, in other words, there was initially a 10% discount in the beginning of the product cycle (the price was actually lower than it was for the previous 7.x version).

Now it was “normalized”, but the upgrade price hasn’t followed. It’s usually the same total price for upgrading as buying full version directly, not cheaper… Reason for the difference now? Well, can’t see any logical reason…

Cubase pricing is parabolicaly based on the price of eggs in China. That said, there is really no point is trying to figure out the logic. Best just to find the best price and decide whether or not you are willing to pay that price for the product.