Cubase Pro 10.0.30 ARA - Revoice Pro saving session


As i understand ARA is supposed to automatically save Revoice changes inside Cubase’s folders when saving the project on Cubase, but this is not happening, only the new audio data is sent to cubase and stored, but trying to edit previous ARA changes is not possible, because Revoice starts all over again.

Another question, how can i send a ticket support to steinberg? trying to do that on MySteinberg and it just tells me to go and ask to my distributor… really?, they know nothing about technical stuff about Cubase, it’s plain nonsense this type or bureaucracy on internet era.

Thank you,


The changes should be stored with the project. But not rendered to the Audio file. So once you reopen a project with ARA plug-in, you should see all the parameters and the setup you did on the ARA plug-in in the very same state, as it was when you saved the project. Isn’t this the case?

If you want to get the audio file with the ARA plug-in printed/rendered, use Render in Place or Bounce Selection function, please.