Cubase Pro 10.0.60 And Waves V.9.92

Hello guys!

I am using Cubase Pro 10.0.60 with Waves V9, V10, V11 and V12 plugins together with no problems until suddenly a project that I am working on at the moment which is loaded with Waves V9 and V10 plugins crashed and never opened. The crash report says something about Waveshell 9.92.

I have contacted Waves and I am waiting their response.

I will appreciate ay help!

Thanks in advance!


Hi, I’m having the same issue with waves 11.
Cubase blacklisted the plugin and crashes hard when I try to reactivate. I’ve been using the plugin in the past with no issues.

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Hi there!

Did you tried to repair your plugins from the Waves Central application?
Also, try to remove the cache files and organise your plugins by version.

If you still have problems, remove and reinstall your plugins!



After contacting Waves Tech Support they solved my problem via TeamViewer! One of the best Tech Support!