Cubase Pro 10.5.11 Crashing on close

When I close Cubase then it closes and I get the popup saying Cubase has crashed. It started on 10.5.10 and I thought updating to 10.5.11 would help but the problem is still there. Running a Mac Pro 5.1 with High Sierra.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Share the crash file, please.


I have same problem after last Cubase update to 10.5.10 (Windows 10). Every closing Cubase crash and forget last path to project.


Hi again,

I am reinstall now from 10.5.10 back to 10.5.0 and everything work fine. Any comment ?


are you using rewire ?

No, I’m not using rewire.



I agree, the crash is somehow related to ReWire. Have you installed any ReWire software, please?

My expectation is, Cubase 10.5.0 installation updated the ReWire component to the needed one. Therefore it works again after Cubase 10.5.0 installation. So I expect, it would work event after 1.5.10 (or 10.5.11) update now.

FWIW, on windows the rewire dll is the same between both versions. There is definitely a crash on exit bug if you enable rewire (on windows at least) - Check with Ed as he has reproduced it. Preferences not saved etc etc.

I’m willing to bet (guess) that it’s effecting a lot more people than those who are reporting problems as it’s hard to spot.

hoping it’s fixed in 10.5.12 as I’m back on 10.0 for now


As far as I know, there are crashes only, if you install other ReWire software (Ableton Live, Reason…), which overwrites the ReWire component by an older version, which is not compatible with current Cubase version.

That’s not been my experience. Last thing I installed was 10.5.10. Immediately crashed on exit as rewire was enabled in defaul.xml - settings that worked fine with Cubase 10 and 10.5.0 (and still do work fine)

nothing had overwritten my rewire components. What files do you think get overwritten ? Happy to confirm this.

Hi Martin,

You have right. I am found Melodyne 4 at ReWire and I am disable it. Now Cubase 10.5.10 (Windows 10) work good.

Thank you, Goran

Thought so :wink: and you’re welcome (!)

fix is apparently on the way - it’s still amazingly difficult to report genuine bugs - SB are essentially in denial. Unfortunately this means you end up with the current state of affairs. 10.5.10/11 is basically in meltdown.

When I try and disable rewire in Cubase it just immediately crashes and does not disable. I do occasionally use Rewire with Ableton, but it’s more important for Cubase to be stable than for Rewire to be enabled.

Is there a way to disable it in the xml or something other than within the app?

you are caught in a Steinberg “crashing loop”
two options here to resolve it…

  1. delete the default.xml file in your preferences (or delete all your preferences - worth backing them up first)

  2. edit the default.xml file using a text editor (it’s simple) and remove the rewire section. (back up first)

option 2 is pretty easy and that way you get to keep your preferences.
post back here if it’s unclear - I’ve been promised a fix for this but who know when…or if !

you can continue to use rewire but you have to remember to enable before use and disable before you quit cubase…otherwise you’ll have crash on exit.


Did you install Ableton Live after Cubase?

It might be Ableton is installing an older ReWire component version. Therefore I would recommend to reinstall Cubase from the Full Installer. The ReWire component should be overwritten by the newer one.

Could you double-check, which ReWire version do you use? You can find it in Cubase > Studio > More Options > System Component Information > Program Plug-ins.

i’m having similar problems: crash on close, crash on disable rewire. I don’t see Rewire listed in Cubase > Studio > More Options > System Component Information > Program Plug-ins. Cubase 10.5.12 build 123 mac os 10.14.6

Hi and welcome,

Could you attach the *.crash file, please?

CuBase 11 keeps crashing too. Every time I try to use scoring

My Cubase 10.1 was 1) crashing if I had a project open and tried to either use the X to close both project and Cubase (expecting it to prompt me to save) or if I chose Close through the menus. 2) Cubase takes f-o-r-ever to close, even if I have already saved and closed my project. I followed advice to first save, then close the project, then quit Cubase and if it took a long time, kill the program with Crtl-Alt-Del End Program (Win 10). I didn’t like doing that, it just didn’t feel right. Now Cubase 10.2 comes up with a type of safe mode boot-up if you previously ended the program. It doesn’t crash if I save and close the project first. I don’t know what Rewire is, but I do have Waves. I’ve also had problems of losing preferences I’ve previously saved. It’s been a while since I looked into this with Steinberg. I think I sent crash files at the time. I think the previous poster is right that it’s probably a bigger issue and people just work around it rather than try to trouble-shoot it. I think that’s true typically with product issues.