Cubase Pro 10.5.12 Crash During Launch

Hi People. Yesterday I spent a few hours updating plugins, installing some new plugins and also Bitwig and today, Cubase is crashing on launch. I have run through the usual, deleted my vst whitelist, blacklist and info files, removed the defualts preferences file. Went into my plug-in folders and removed all of the plugins I remember installing/updating and still no joy.

I’ve attached a crash log. Could anybody please possibly point me in the right direction fixing this issue. I’ve got a studio session in just over 12 hours, trying to remain calm :open_mouth:

Thanks in advance,

Cubase 10.5_2020-05-20-032836_Adams-MacBook-Pro-3.crash (92.6 KB)

You’ve updated Waves? See this thread:

Thanks Arne. A fresh install of Cubase appears to have fixed the issue but I do have the duplicate rewire.bundle and yes I updated waves. If it wasn’t for 2 or 3 creative plugins in the giant heap of crap that is my waves collection, I wouldn’t install any of them. Thanks for the info.