Cubase Pro 10.5.12 inital test report

10.5.12 seems to have sorted out my issues at this time.

  1. No more crash on exit. Checked in TaskMan and it closes down correctly now.
  2. No more missing cursor in lower editor window.
  3. ASIO performance is stable again and CPU usage isn’t spiking - tested on very heavy projects which wouldn’t play on 10.5.10. Now perfect.
  4. It now again correctly remembers my Control Room settings. This may be as a result of ‘1’.

So feeling good again.

Thanks to Steinberg for a prompt fix.

Working perfectly for me too. :sweat_smile:

Yea all working great EXCEPT I still get about 300 mb or so in taskmgr once project is closed. Kinda annoying - if I ‘forget’ to close these out I could have a FEW instances at the end of the day. :frowning: (on w10 with 900+ midi tracks in template) - doesn’t happen on smaller templates.

Perhaps I missed it, but can you say what it is that has accumulated to"'300mb or so in taskmgr once the project is closed"? I opened and closed several songs in the same session of Cubase 10.5.12, but I don’t really see anything in TaskManager that stands out on my pc.


So far so good for me.

All good over here.
Thank you Steinberg!

Cubase still shows open in task mgr but not it’s usually large size (while project is open) - but only about 300 mb in size . i.e. doesn’t completely close out.