Cubase Pro 10.5.2 Updates available

Starting Cubase. On the left side, under “news and tutorials” there was always a note, if there are updates for various parts of cubase.
This seem to be gone. I would appreciate a hint, where to find informations about updates
Thank you,
Burkhard / Germany

I don’t know whether they removed that or whether it is just due to the fact that there simply has been no update since 10.5.20. And I am doubtful if there will actually be one, which is a bummer, because I still have the mixer windows display bug:

I do not know for sure, but I do not think there will be any updates on 10.5 . However, this bug - as annoying as it was - turned out not to be that of a fundamental thing: as soon as you would notice the “left windows vertical border” in the mixing console you could minimize and maximize your mixing console and the left border (and the annoying mouse calculation offset) would be gone. Definitively fixed in version 11.

That would be in the “Steinberg hub”, which is basically a webpage like datafeed. If there are any updates on the version you are running they’d usually show up. You could also follow the announcements on this forum or check and update the download assistant regularly. There are so many components now (in Cubase 11) and when they’re not broken, I do not usually fix them.

The Steinberg Download Assistant is probably the best source for checking what’s the latest available update for each version of Cubase (and other relatively recent Steinberg software).

Dear Nico5,
Thank you for the fast reply.
Checked the (Steinberg Support)
and found, there is no other Update available.

Well done! Case closed
Keep up the good work

Best regards from Germany
Stay healthy!

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