Cubase Pro 10.5.20 issue

Just installed the update to 10.5.20 from 10.5.12. I have been having a few issues.

  1. when I first started up after the update I got an error msg

    I clicked ok it came up again then clicked ok and it cleared Cubase did not start. I then started Cubase again. it loaded fine however when I loaded a project it started dropping out audio I noticed the performance bars were peaking
    Note: the pic does not show the peaking just for reference of what window was open

both bars at various points would run all the way up and peak this is when the audio would stop. I closed the project and left the performance bar up. it continued to peak even with the project closed. then Cubase locked up and I had to shut it down via the Task Manager. I then started it again and got the safe mode startup screen. it seemed to run ok. However, every time I start Cubase it starts with the safe mode screen.

I had installed this update a few months ago and ran into the same issues so I rolled back to 10.5.12 and then had no issues. I just tried again and the above results are what I found. Any thoughts? here is a link to the dmp file created

Thanks for your help


without valid system information it is impossible to make suggestions
Cubase is just one part of the system

So sorry I got distracted my system is Asus z390 motherboard with 32gb ddr4 ram and i9 processor audio interface is MOTU 16A vis USB let me know if you need any other info


After running it on and off for a few days, I find that it runs fine however it starts normally when I start it the first time after boot but then if I shut cubase down and restart I always get the start up screen with the choices of disable preferences, third party plug ins,… but it has been running ok no matter if I choose one of the options or hit cancel and clear the screen. Is there a way to tell what is causing the startup screen to appear. Even if I choose the options and restart it still comes up. Any thoughts. Thanks Laurence

That screen at start up appears when cubase has crashed while closing, that’s a new feature of the 20 update.

How do I figure out what is causing the crash? the first time opening it after starting the PC it is OK ( it hasn’t crashed yet) it comes up on every startup of cubase but seems to run fine no matter the choices made on the safe mode screen including start normally and cancel, but on the next start up safe mode again. Thoughts?

Try making an empty project, save it, close cubase and open it again.
Then start adding tracks and plugins, save close and open etc.
Until you find what plugin is causing the crash.
It might be a driver issue, if a driver is not releasing in time.

I will try that I think as I Remember even if you don’t open a project it will do it so just open cubase, cancel the hub then close cubase and reopen. I will try again to confirm. I also discovered over the weekend that if i have a project open and playing then open another project Cubase will crash and close. May be related?